About the millage

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Genesee Health System Millage Update 2022

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Click on a focus area below to learn more about it!

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Click here to download an info-graphic of the focus areas!

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CIT Officer Training: This 40 hour training offered quarterly focuses on mental health education, warning signs/symptoms, substance abuse, officer wellness, scenario based skill application through role plays, and non-violent crisis intervention.  A scholarship program offers departments with financial need an equitable opportunity to attend training.  Funding Source: Grants & Millage

Police Academy Mental Health Response Training: GHS has joined the Police Academy and provides 3 days of Mental Health Response Training to officers in training.  Prior to this, trainees received little to no professional mental health or substance use specific training prior to graduation.  This training is critical as Genesee County officers in the field estimate over ½ of the calls they receive are mental health related.  Fund Source: Grants and Millage

Critical Incident Stress Management (CISM): GHS provides group and individual debriefing following traumatic or stressful incidents to first responders.  CISM is also available to the general public following community wide incidents or large scale traumatic events.  Fund Source: Grants & Millage

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Co-Response Team: The Co-response Team is comprised of a Sheriff Deputy and a GHS Mental Health Professional and intends to provide in the field crisis intervention and jail diversion.  Main tasks: 1) take mental health related referrals from law enforcement leadership for high risk or repeat offenders they see escalating to provide crisis intervention and jail diversion in the field; 2) respond to mental health related 911 calls taken by dispatch; 3) follows up with persons whom contact has been made following a 911 call that may benefit from engaging in treatment.

Fund Source: Grants & Millage.

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Assisted Outpatient Treatment (AOT) Program: The AOT program is a collaboration between GHS and Genesee County Probate Court to provide services to those currently on, or in need of court ordered mental health treatment to maintain safety and stability in the community.  The target population are those who are not involved in any criminal proceedings with goals of jail diversion and engagement into treatment.  The facets of this program include: 1) Active mental health treatment services through the AOT team 2) monitoring, linking, and coordinating for those at risk and in possible need of court ordered treatment 3) proactive monitoring of persons on an AOT receiving treatment from a non-specialized program to initiate higher levels of care quickly and reduce the need for hospitalization or continued court orders. 4) Allow for AOT status hearings to take place to evaluate the court ordered treatment prior to a violation whenever possible in attempt to re-engage the individual into treatment.  Fund Source: Insurance billing, grant funding, millage. 

Mental Health 101 joins I.G.N.I.T.E: GHS has partnered with Genesee County Corrections to pilot the offering of a voluntary 2 hour training to inmates on how to manage their mental health, substance use/abuse, and trauma experiences.  Additional information is provided on how to use and access Narcan upon release.  Fund Source: Grants & Millage

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Question, Persuade, Refer (QPR) Training: Just like CPR, QPR is an emergency response to someone in crisis. A 90 minute class prepares participants to recognize signs of suicidal ideation, to ask the person in crisis about suicidal thoughts/intentions and to link them to crisis services.  Open to the public.  Fund Source: Grants & Millage

Living Works Training: Participants complete the course through a series of videos and practice how to respond to people in crisis during a highly interactive self study. Skills recognizing signs of suicidal ideation and responding in an effective manor will be enhanced. Open to the public.  Fund Source: Grants & Millage

General Community Education & Awareness: GHS is dedicated to ensuring the community knows of GHS as a leader in Genesee County for behavioral health services 24/7/365.  It is important the community feels GHS is accessible and available.  A multi-media community education and awareness campaign is underway to that end (tv, radio, billboard, digital marketing, social media, etc.).  Fund Source: Grants & Millage

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Mobile School Response: As an extension of the Behavioral Health Urgent Care, GHS will deploy out a mental health professional to school locations in Genesee County.  This will occur where student’s mental health needs exceed the capability or resources for existing school staff to manage the mental health crisis.  These specialized staff will have the capability to provide rapid assessment and linking to treatment. GHS will also begin a pilot for students and families who have experienced a crisis to have the opportunity for short term therapy services with a goal to: 1) teach coping skills to alleviate the pressing concerns 2) teach coping skills, provide therapeutic intervention, and bridge the gap until long term treatment can be engaged.

Fund Source: Insurance billing, Grants & Millage

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Behavioral Health Urgent Care: A walk in location with extended hours provides medical triage, crisis intervention, crisis stabilization, and preadmission screening.  Staff conduct an assessment to determine what immediate care needs a person has and seeks to address them either through the urgent care services, referral to immediate treatment (such as psychiatric inpatient hospital, crisis residential, partial hospital, etc.), or to routine ongoing care services.  These services will continue to expand as we can hire additional staff (peer support services, psychiatric evaluation, etc). 

Fund Source: Insurance billing, Grants & Millage

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Four Pillars Pilot Project: This faith-based pilot initiative scheduled to run from June-Fall 2022 allows for mental health services to reach vulnerable populations by providing services in community locations outside of an office where they may feel more comfortable.  A person does not need to be a member of the church locations to receive services. Fund Source: Grants & Millage

Flint ReCast 2022 Mini Grant Program: The Flint ReCast Mini Grant program encompassed many focus areas of the millage all tied to health and wellness for vulnerable populations.  Due to a limitation in federal funding, all viable applications were not able to be funded.  GHS provided supplemental millage funding to allow for all programs to be fully funded. Additional information: https://flintrecast.org/our-efforts/mini-grant-program/

Fund Source: Millage 

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GHS Mini Grant Program: GHS recognizes good work is being done by local non-profit organizations out in the community to support the mental health and wellness of Genesee County.  The Mini grant program seeks to expand this work. 

Fund Source: Millage

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